Reflecting on my 2021 grand slam

When I was drawn for my moose tag, I set the goal of going for my grand slam. I needed a bear, moose, turkey and deer between September and November.  Now, the hunting season is over and I find myself reflecting on my 2021 grand slam and the people who helped to make it happen.

Mom and Hubs managed childcare/school pick ups and drop offs and sometimes full days of babysitting so that I could be in the woods.

Staci and I with the bear I trapped

Jeremy at Fit To Hunt went to work and helped me customize a training program that would get me into shape for walking through the Maine woods to get my moose.  I would load weights into my backpack and walk for miles.  Sometimes with the kids and sometimes alone. When it came time to hike those choppin’s looking for a moose, I was grateful for his insight into what I needed to be ready for.

Staci (My Mainely Girl Adventures) and her husband were determined to help me get my bear. They put in a lot of time and effort to make this happen. I think she was more determined than I was initially to get my grand slam.  The entire experience of having a false catch and then realizing that we had a bear trapped and not only trapping a bear but shooting it in the middle of the night… it was a surreal experience that kicked off my slam and filled my freezer with almost 75lbs of meat.

My 2021 Moose with guide Wayne Bernier and Dad

Wayne Bernier, the owner and legend of Allagash Adventures believed that we would get a moose when we were not so sure. There were so many emotional ups and downs.  I have never felt like I had blown a hunt more than I did on that Wednesday but when we all walked over to that bull on Saturday morning, Wayne might have been more emotional than us. There were hugs and smiles for hours.  I will never forget that hunt.

Dad and I with our 2021 deer

And for almost 20 years, my Dad has taught and tolerated me in the woods. He has been my hunting partner from day 1. We have build impressive tree houses to hunt from, hung numerous game cameras, watched a lot of deer and turkey in the fields and woods and had some crazy adventures. There is no one I would rather go hunting with. He is the absolute best!  I have no doubt in my mind that without him, I would not be hunting and I would not have wanted to push and get my grand slam.

I think back on the year and the adventures and the people that helped to make it possible. There were lots of laughs, smiles, hugs and a few teary eyes.  I am so luck to have these people helping me and encouraging me.  THIS is what hunting is all about.



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  1. Another great article of a family dedicated to each other and to hunting!
    Great job Erin
    Carey Clement

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